An app that leverages AI technology to help the blind and visually impaired community to be self-reliant in daily chores.

As per WHO, globally there are 285 million visually impaired people, of whom 36 million are blind.
They are an integral part of our society and it’s our responsibility to make conscious efforts to ease their life.

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The Issue ?

We have built the world in such a way that serves the majority of the population. But we need to cautiously think about various challenges that the blind and visually impaired people have to go through during their daily chores. Below are some common challenges faced by them:

Identify Products

Conventional labeling for food, electronic products and medicine require consumers to interpret the information visibly and that makes it almost impossible for blind people to discover it. May it be home or shops or malls, this challenge persist.

Find Expiry Date

Finding expiry date of essential daily commodities like milk or it’s products and medicines, is a challenging activity which requires help from other person. Inability to identify the medicine or consuming it after expiry date can have serious health implications. Same goes with expired food products.

Knowing What's Around

Getting a sense of surrounding environment is important for navigation, shopping or going to a new place. Most mobile apps tell about a scence description but knowing what shop names are there or which section is in front, right or left in a mall is not discoverable through such apps.

Pandemic Safety

It is not possible for the blind to know if people around are wearing mask or if the commute path is crowded.

Solution : Our App

Considering above mentioned obstacles, we have developed an app that is built with sole purpose to make the product discovery an easy experience and seamless process for the visually challenged users.
App is based on Artificial intelligence technology that will help identify product name, expiry date, find a particular product or shop name, read text data with help of camera and AI.

Smart Text

Product name can be discovered using smart text feature or barcode reader. Many products are not registered in global barcode data registry, hence smart text feature comes handy which identifies most probable text based on appearance as the product name.

Expiry Date

Identify probable expiry date on food products or medicine by holding camera pointing to the product. As a user gets closer to expiry date section, user will be notified with haptic feedback. Identification will be successful only if app has a certain confidence in results.

Pandemic Safety

Detect if people are wearing mask. Check if the commute path is crowded or not for safe passage during pandemic times.

Find Text

Search a particular product in the fridget or storage area by product name. Search for a particular brand shop in the mall by specifying shop name to find.


Read lenghty text or documents through this feature. Text results will be read aloud and also displayed with high contrast background and larger font to make it easily readable.

Voice Results and Commands

The results from all modes will be auto spoken along with displaying results on the screen. Operate the whole app using voice commands to navigate tabs or read instructions given in app.

What Our Users Are Saying !

"That actually looks pretty cool! I like the find feature! Expiry date is always an issue I struggle with but even if it can’t read it accurately, locating it is helpful. You could at least try using another method to read it until they get it right. Great work!" - Penny van Beek

"This could be a big upgrade for shopping independence. Great to see the reading software improving." - Thor Clark

About Us

Founded in 2022 as a research startup, AudiVision's mission is to empower the blind and visually impaired people. We are a small team comprising of technologist, blind user behaviour expert and marketing personnel.

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